How To Teach Your Dog To Swim

How To Teach Your Dog To Swim

teaching dog to swimOne of the best places to while away the summer is in a local swimming pool. It can especially get better if you have a swimming buddy. If you have a backyard pool or you live near a canine-friendly beach or lake, you should encourage your dog to swim. If well trained, dogs can be great swimmers. Fortunately, it is not difficult to get most breed to swim. However, you will need to teach your dog some basic lessons particularly if it has never swam before. You should bear in mind that not all dogs are natural swimmers and some breeds such as the bull dog can’t swim. Therefore, you should never leave your dog in the water unattended even for a single minute.

The first step towards teaching your dog how to swim should be to look for a shallow area where it is possible for you to walk beside the pet. Choose a quiet area as too much noise can be distracting. Ensure that your dog is leached at all time to keep her from trouble or even ensure that she does not swim too far away in the deep waters. The leash should remain in place until the canine can swim unassisted or is able to consistently return to you when you call. If necessary, you can put on your floatation vest before walking slowly in the water and allowing the dog to get used to wet feet. If the pet becomes hesitant, you can take a toy with you. Alternatively, you can have a few training treat to coax the dog further. Try to use verbal praises and positive tones to encourage the canine.

Gradually take the dog into the deeper points of the swimming pool until she begins paddling to stay afloat. You can offer support using your arm if the dog looks as if she needs help. This will enable the canine to paddle her front and rear legs. If your canine only uses the front legs, to swim, she will get tired quickly while only splashing around. It is important to ensure that you keep supporting her until you find that she is comfortable swimming with the four limbs. If the dog seems to panic at any given time, move back to the shallow end and allow her to calm down before you can try again.

After you have completed your ritual, you should try to get the dog out of your boat or pool. Take time to teach her the right and safe way of getting out of the pool or boat. This will ensure that she will be able to find her way out in future. To get rid of any algae or residual chemicals that may cling to the dog’s haircoat, you can rinse her with some fresh water. You should then give her a lot of physical and verbal praise after you have completed the lesson and if possible an extra treat. This is important as the dog will begin associating the swimming experience with fun and good times.

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