How To Choose a Pool Ramp for Dogs

How To Choose a Pool Ramp for Dogs

There are several considerations that should be considered when choosing the best pool ramp for dogs. Choosing the best is to ensure ease of handling and the safety of your pet. There are several instances where pool accidents have been evidenced just because of wrong selection of pool ramp. It is therefore important to take time and consider several designs available in the market and select the best for your pet. Here are the things you should consider when selecting the best:

It Should Have A Waterproof Finish

Since it is to be used in a pool, it is paramount for it to be waterproof. It should be made of a material that is waterproof such as plastics or even made of pressboard but coated with waterproof paint. This is not only important for extending the lifespan of the ramp but also for the safety of the dog. The ramp can absorb water then become too soft that it can slide and peels off easily. In case you are not aware of such materials, it is advisable to seek advice from the experts who have been using such materials so as to get the best.

It Should Have A Non-Slip Surface

Slip is one of the major causes of accidents to pets in pools. When the surface of the ramp is too slippery, your pet can easily slip and get injured. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the ramp has a textured surface to ensure that it is not slippery. There are several designs in the market that has various remedies to slip. Apart from having a textured surface, some designers make the best pool ramp for dogs by incorporating ridges or gaps in the platform. This is mainly to prevent slips.

It Should Have Smooth Edges

When your pet will be learning to use the device, it will be falling on the edges a number of times. This means that severe injuries are likely to occur if the edges are sharp. Therefore, to avoid such unnecessary injuries, you should ensure that all the edges and exposed surfaces are smooth. You can engage a technician to inspect the ramp and to file any other surface he/she thinks is not sufficiently smooth for safe use.

The Installation Should Be Easy

The ease of installation is another thing you should consider when buying a ramp for your pet. You should be able to assemble it easily and dismantle it when a need arises. Try as much as possible to avoid the complicated ones where you have to engage an expert at a fee to do the installation and dismantling.

It Should Be Easy To Transport

You may not be required to move it often but there are some circumstances that can force you to move it from one place to another. For instance, you may want to use it in another pool or even in another section of the pool. Choose the one where you can fold easily and transport without straining.

Those are the key aspects you should consider when choosing the best dog pool ramp for your pet. When all these aspects are considered, be assured of selecting the best device for your pet. You will not only get a device which is safe to use but you will also choose a durable one.

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